Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue

     I was diagnosed as being severely allergic after being tested for over 100 environmental irritants. I was also diagnosed as having allergy induced asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome. Each day was a challenge for me just to get through work and home. My allergy specialist put me on about $200 worth of medications a month; 2-3 inhalers, an asthma pill, a new antihistamine, a nose spray, 2 pain pills for muscle aches and allergy shots bimonthly. All of which helped immensely at the time.
    In January, I suffered an extreme physical-personal trauma. The chronic fatigue syndrome numbed my whole body as if it were in a constant state of sleep. When it wasn't numb it hurt so badly that I could hardly stand the pain. I was taking Tylenol, aspirin, and pain pills everyday at least twice. Mentally, I was so depressed I didn't feel there was any hope.
    That was when I saw an advertisement about chronic fatigue syndrome and responded by calling the phone number. I spoke to Cathy Foster who for the first time in two years shed some light on my situation. I went in for a consultation but was very skeptical about chiropractic. I was skeptical for a long time but I went ahead with the treatments. I didn't feel I had anything to lose anymore.
    In April, I went off all my medication except my bimonthly allergy shots, and very rarely have to use an inhaler. I know that when I get regular treatments I'm healthy mentally and physically. Rarely do I have a cold, my body doesn't go numb and sleep, I'm not depressed or have to take any medication.
    Since I've been coming to Foster Chiropractic my health and my body's ability to heal itself has never been better and it's sure good being off all that medication. I refer anyone who tells me about physical challenges to Foster Chiropractic. I tell them what it did for me. It made a believer out of me.
- S.C.

Neck Pain, Allergies, Energy Level

     I first saw Dr. Foster because I had intense pain and stiffness on the right side of my neck and shoulder. After 4-6 weeks of pain, I went to my doctor and she said I needed chiropractic help.   After two treatments, the recurrent headaches that I have had for 24 years were gone and have remained gone. After about 2 weeks my shoulder and neck pain disappeared.
    In addition I am allergic to weeds, trees, grasses, food, environmental pollutants, and "smells & fragrances." At the time I began seeing Dr. Foster I had been getting 2 shots per week for my allergies. I have not had an allergy shot in 6 months, nor have I felt the need for one. Overall, I feel much better, have more energy, and have not taken medications since beginning treatment with Dr. Foster (which is unusual for me).
    I feel that Dr. Foster genuinely cares about his patients' wellness and health. He keeps abreast of health issues and keeps us informed too. I was impressed with him also giving me exercises to do at home so that I can help myself get well--in addition to his medical expertise. Dr. Foster has helped improve my health tremendously. I would and have recommended him.
- R.C.

Back Pain

     I came in because I had a back injury. I received prompt attention and got some immediate relief. I love the "family" atmosphere. I have some back problems and have had since an old injury many, many years ago. I am much better these days. Chiropractic manipulation has been used for years, has been a misunderstood profession, and sometimes still is but common sense should come into play here. I have personally felt that effects of subluxations and the relief and good health that follow. Yes, I would recommend others. Don't keep a good thing to yourself!
- J.M.

Children, Migraines

     I had a problem with my 6 year old daughter. I took her to the emergency room for a severe headache and vomiting. The pain in her head was so severe that she made the statement "mommy my head hurts so bad it feels like my brain is going to explode." Of course we were in the emergency room for hours with many different tests run. Migraines was their reply. I have been to Steve for my migraines around five years ago. I haven't had problems with them since. So I decided to bring my daughter Brandy to him. She has been coming for almost 2 months. She has been improving consistently. Thanks Steve, for taking her pain away and making me feel better about Brandy feeling better.
- L.R.


     A friend of mine told me about Dr. Foster. I had been going to my doctor and he wasn't doing anything to help me, except to give me more medicine, so I decided to try Foster, they were so nice and polite to me. Dr. Foster was great. I felt so much better, he has healing hands.
    After a while, I gave up my cane and walked without it for the first time in a year. I tripped over my dog and had to go back on my cane. So Dr. Foster helped me again and now I am walking without it again. I feel like he's a miracle man. I really and truly believe he has worked miracles on me. I would recommend him to anyone. He's a nice man.
- S.C.

Back Injury

     The first time I came in to see Dr. Foster was when I fell and hit my back on some stairs. About six months later I was so stressed out that I'd get up in the morning and couldn't stand up straight. At that point, I began to see Dr. Foster on a regular basis. From that point on, chiropractic care has helped me deal with stress. My daughter started in with health problems, and Dr. Foster began working with her. Chiropractic hasn't cured her "allergies" but it has made it easier for her to cope. Dr. Foster is a very caring person. He is truly interested in helping any way he can. I feel very comfortable in referring other people to him.
- R.W.

Back Injury

     I had fallen in the bath tub and hurt my back and didn't think after 3 days that a medical doctor would be of help so I went to Dr. Foster. I used a heating pad which I found was the wrong thing to do, other than that I did nothing.
    What impressed me most is how nice everyone is and how caring Dr. Foster is. I am doing much, much better now. When I first came here I could hardly walk and was in much pain and used a cane. Now I don't use the cane and the pain isn't as bad and I walk straighter than I have for years. Yes, there have been improvements in my posture and spine. I would certainly refer anyone to Foster Chiropractic. They have been great for me.
- J.D.G.

Back Pain

     My first contact with Dr. Foster was due to acute pain in my lower back and hips. I have had this problem for several years. My family doctor took x-rays and treated me with muscle relaxants. The pain went away but always returned. This recent episode, for which I contacted Dr. Foster, did not go away. I could not sit in a chair and if I laid down, it was very difficult to get up. I could not lift anything very heavy with my arms.
    After several treatments by Dr. Foster, I am virtually free of pain and I can sit, stand, bend, lift and lay down without problem. In my opinion, Dr. Foster and his assistant are professional and dedicated individuals interested in the welfare of their patients. I would certainly recommend other people to their care.
- E.H.

Headaches, Neck Pain

      Before I saw Dr. Foster, we tried several doctors for my problems and no one seemed to help. Doctors prescribed medication, and they had be do a lot of different exercises but my neck, back and headaches would not go away.
    What impressed me was how Dr. Foster explained to me about the procedures to help me to get well and how he cares about his patients. He takes time to explain so that you understand what he's doing. I feel like I'm doing about 80% better than before.
    I didn't think that I would ever physically be able to do certain things again, but now I feel good walking and running and I don't get the headaches or pains in my neck, shoulders, or sometimes hips like I did. I've recommended Foster Chiropractic to several friends and family members, because I strongly believe that Steve can help them as he is helping me.
- C.F.R.

Back Pain

     I first came in because of acute back pain--it was so bad I was unable to kneel or bend without extreme pain and discomfort. In the past, I had visited our family doctor and was given a prescription for pain and/or inflammation. The relief lasted for only a short time, so I decided to visit a chiropractor after the episode described above had occurred.
    Dr. Foster was most impressive in the knowledge of the overall functioning of the human body and the effects one dysfunction can have upon the entire body. I was also very pleased with the amount of personal caring that is put into each and every visit. The entire staff is more than happy to answer any questions and will provide as much information about chiropractic as they possibly can.
    Since I began seeing Dr. Foster, my state of health has changed significantly. Not only has the back pain been diminished greatly, but recurring "battles" with flus and pneumonia have ceased. Because of the difference that chiropractic care has made in my life, I will definitely refer others to the care of Dr. Foster.
- T.A.B.

Back Pain

     I originally came to Dr. Foster for back pain and I have noticed that having regular adjustments that I feel better and have not been sick as often. Everyone at Foster Chiropractic is great in helping you. They all really care about how you are doing I would refer anyone I know to Dr. Foster for care and I think they would be impressed how Chiropractic care helps their whole body and general health.
- T.M.


     When I first came to Dr. Foster, I was in severe pain. I was having regular headaches at least once a day, sometimes more. My right shoulder was noticeably lower than my left. Doctors in the medical area were telling me I would have to learn to deal with the pain.
    After one treatment I noticed less pain in my back. After regular treatments, not only has my shoulder and posture improved, the pain in my back and my headaches has decreased alot. I only get one or two headaches in a week. Normal headaches, not blinding, unbearable ones. My back pain only occurs when I do more than I should or bend wrong.
    I think what I like the most about my treatments is not only the immediate or almost immediate relief of pain, but that we are also working on correcting and alleviating any future problems. I would most definitely refer others here. Dr. Steve has fixed problems others told me couldn't be.
- B.J.C.

Neck Pain, Prostate

     For several years, I have had prostate problems which progressively became worse. I was getting up six or seven times each night to void. I went to your office not for the prostate, but because I was having neck problems and you diagnosed a curvature of the spine in the neck area. You adjusted me and also put me on therapy. After several months, the x-rays indicated that my neck had improved and I had much more range of motion.
    However, I suddenly realized after about six months that some nights I slept through the night without having to get up at all to void, and realized that the only thing I had been doing different was being adjusted by you. I told the medical doctor who was treating my prostate problem of the excellent results I had achieved, and he agreed with me that it indeed could be attributed to the "alternative medicine," as he referred to chiropractic.
    To date, I am still sleeping normally through the night, and still coming in to get adjusted. I can't thank you enough for the improvements in both my neck and my prostate problems.
- J.E.F.


     I had never been to a chiropractor until I was 33. At that point I had a new yard that needed work (i.e.: a lot of digging) and we had just gotten a new horse. Well, I landed on the ground more than I care to remember with that horse and the yard got fixed up--all at the expense of my spine. I went to a chiropractor, got adjusted and felt better--for a while. Then I tried Dr. Foster.
    I am very impressed with the in-depth level of treatment and types of treatment I get at Dr. Foster's. I am on the maintenance program now and doing much better. There are still times once in a while that my back still hurts but it isn't constant anymore. He has also impressed on me that I have to work at keeping my spine healthy, it won't do it just by being adjusted once in a while. I feel better now and I will keep coming to Dr. Foster for treatment because I know I will be able to get out of bed everyday without a backache!
- D.P.

Back Injury

     I came to Dr. Foster after I injured my back at work. I was sent to the clinic where without much checking or even x-rays, they decided on muscle strain and offered very little help. After 2 visits to the clinic and my back getting worse, I decided to go see Dr. Foster. After one visit I showed a lot of relief in my back.
    I've been going back on Dr. Foster's schedule and each treatment I get better. I'm working steady and hard and my back is not giving me much trouble at all. Most of my pain is gone now, I'm only sore a little. I've noticed that I'm not getting my headaches as bad or as often either. I think that everybody should go in and let Dr. Foster check them out. If he finds anything wrong, he'll tell you, if you are ok, he'll tell you. Dr. Foster is very up front and honest about what he can and cannot do. His treatments are helping me more than I can really put into words. Thanks Dr. Foster.
- R.L.C.

Auto Injuries, Mother and Daughter

     Dear Dr. Foster, I would like to thank you for helping us and for making us better. My mom is feeling better since you started helping us. I am feeling alot better too. Your friend,
- T.T.

Severe Back Pain

     I came to Dr. Foster because of severe lower back pain, with muscle spasms. I had been seeing a doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. He also referred me to a physical therapist that I saw for over a month. Feeling little change or relief, I stopped seeing the therapist. Two weeks later I experienced severe lower back pain, in which I ended up crawling to bed.
    Dr. Foster saw me the next day and set up a treatment program. I am feeling much better now. I am optimistic about any further care with Dr. Foster for my injury. I do refer Dr. Foster to others. He and is staff are to be commended for their knowledge and caring attitude.
- E.G.T.

Auto Injuries

     I started seeing Dr. Foster after being in an auto accident. I woke up the next morning with my arm numb and not being able to move it. After a couple of visits I was able to move my arm but still continued to have problems.
    What most impressed me about Dr. Foster is he doesn't claim to know everything. When he couldn't fix the problem with my arm he referred me to a neurologist to see if he could find the problem. He had me go to physical therapy and continue with Dr. Foster. I have been seeing Dr. Foster for over a year now and he keeps the problem under control so that I can work like I should. I would recommend him to everyone because he cares about how his patients are feeling and healing, and not about his own money. He is great.
- T.F.D.

Back Pain, General Health

     I first saw Dr. Foster because I could barely walk, stand, or sit. I was miserable. My sister and brother-in-law had highly recommended Dr. Foster because of his excellent care. I gave it a try and I am so glad that I did! I have more energy, sleep better, have very little back pain, and have regained some flexibility. I am a chiropractic fan for life!
    I was most impressed by Dr. Foster's ability to listen to me and make me feel that I had his full attention. You can tell he loves what he does and really cares about each patient. He also has a wonderful sense of humor that can lighten a tough moment! He helps educate me on how to properly take care of my back and body. I have learned how to correct my walking, adjust my office chair and computer, how to sit properly, and multiple other things to help my body out. He also can get after me if I am not doing something right!
     I love the laid back atmosphere of the office, how helpful Terri is, and I have recommended Dr. Foster to several family, friends, and co-workers. Thanks for your great care!
- K.S.

Back and Leg Pain

     The reason I came was because I was having pain down my right side into my hip and leg. The other doctor I went to said nothing was wrong. What impressed me the most is how they care for that person, and I feel very good going to see Dr. Foster. I am doing 80% better I think. I have no pain in my hip or leg any more. And I don't lay awake at night with pain.
    Yes, I would refer everyone to go to Dr. Foster. I have already referred him to all my family. Steven Foster is the greatest in my book.
- L.K.

Knee Pain

     I came to see Dr. Foster because I was having tremendous pain in my left knee. I had been to the (medical) doctor repeatedly and they never came up with a diagnosis so they were going to try and treat the pain with medication but of course that didn't work. The pain was still there, they weren't taking care of the problem at all.
    I continued my treatment with Dr. Foster and at first I didn't think anything was going to work. The excruciating pain was still there. Then after a few weeks of care with Dr. Foster, it was gone. I no longer hobble around.
    The thing that kept me going to Dr. Foster is the fact that he really cared about me and my pain, as a good doctor should. He is very positive and tries to help however he can. I guess I could say he's become my mentor. I also appreciate his support and encouragement in my endeavor to lose weight. Dr. Foster definitely goes beyond the call of duty. I feel great physically and mentally.
    I will definitely continue to refer other people to Dr. Foster. My sister is coming here and she too is feeling 100% better, her pain in her body is gone completely!
- I.C.


     I "inherited" two grandsons, ages 8 and 10. When I attended school conferences for the youngest one, I heard the same comments from every teacher; "He can't sit still--he doesn't pay attention--he disrupts the class, etc." After a process of testing and evaluation, he was labeled as having ADHD. I worked closely with the schools and the teachers, and they worked closely with Josh. We saw a little progress.
    At the time this was going on, I was under chiropractic care. I discussed Josh's situation with Dr. Foster. He explained how chiropractic adjustments might be of some help. I decided it was worth a try to have Josh begin receiving chiropractic adjustments.
    Josh started getting adjustments from Dr. Foster. He showed improvement from the start, and as his care continued, Josh began to show more and more stability. He could sit still for longer periods of time. He seemed to retain more of what he learned. He started to contribute constructively in the classroom. Even his grades improved.
    Conferences are now fun to attend. Teacher's comments are now favorable and they all enjoy having Josh in their classes. What a difference!!! I strongly recommend chiropractic care for "hyperactive" or ADD children. It has made an important difference for Josh that will benefit him for the rest of his life.
- J.J.

Knee Pain

     About a year ago, I came to see Dr. Foster because knee surgery had been recommended. I was having severe pain in my left knee and later, extreme pain in my right hip and thigh. Now I have very little pain when walking.
    Dr. Foster has impressed me with his knowledge of, and the importance of, TOTAL health. He has encouraged me in doing daily exercises. Also, he has helped my posture. I appreciate his skill, his kindness, and respect for my limitations.
- A.M.S.

Back Injury, Posture

     I lifted something the wrong way and strained my lower back. By evening it became very sore. I had to have help from my wife to get out of my chair.  I could hardly get out of my car. Dr. Foster gave me a treatment which felt good. Most of my back pain was gone.  I laid on the cold pack several times during the day and Dr. Foster called at 6:45 to see how I was doing.
    I continue to go for a treatment every two weeks and it has helped me so much. My posture was very poor when I first began treatments but as it was corrected I gained nearly an inch in height. Recently my step-daughter began treatments and he is helping her. I highly recommend Dr. Foster. He is a very fine man and is very concerned about each one of his patients. No matter what your problem may be, I know that he can help you. In March I will be 84 years old. I am so very thankful for what Dr. Foster has done for me.
- D.H.W.

Migraine Headaches

     I have had migraine headaches every day of my life since childhood. I was put on medication for them as a child but by the time I was 20 the medication was causing heart problems. So back to living with daily pain.
    I've tried everything, acupressure, acupuncture, medicines, stress reduction, even another chiropractor. Nothing helped. Then a friend with neck problems causing headaches brought me to his appointment with Dr. Foster.
    Dr. Foster fit me in between patients. I have been coming here every other week for a little over a year and am down to only about 5 headache days a month, sometimes less. And when I do get the headaches the severity is much less.
- K.B.

General Health

     I appreciated receiving your family Christmas photo and Christmas letter. In looking back on the year, I realize you had an important and positive influence on my health/life. I greatly valued not only your obvious professional expertise, but the manner in which you took the time to listen to my needs and to educate me as well. I never felt rushed, or pushed into something I wasn't comfortable with, as I have experienced with previous chiropractors.
    You acknowledged and treated me as an individual with individual needs; and I couldn't help but notice that you afforded all your patients with the same level of respect, sensitivity, humor, and professionalism. With warmest regards and gratitude,
- A.B.M.

Back Pain

     I was familiar with Dr. foster's treatment from my mom and dad and they had experienced relief for their ailments.
    After experiencing extreme lower back pain after lifting my 5 lb. dog, I knew that the mild soreness I had previously was much more serious. I was able to visit Dr. Foster the next day and felt immediate relief.
    Since then I have been coming for regular treatment and realignment. My lower back is much better and I feel better overall. I have also enjoyed the knowledge that Dr. Foster has imparted as part of the treatment regarding how to incorporate exercises to improve my spinal health and set up my work station to improve my posture. Thank you!
- V.L.

Neck Pain, Headaches, Digestive Problems

     When I started coming to Dr. Foster I was having bad neck pain and headaches, along with digestive problems.
    After 3 months I don't have the headaches and my pain is much less. My digestive system seems to be working much better also.

Back Surgery

     My story is a slow success, but I do believe in spinal health and think Dr. Foster has done his best to help me progress towards a better life after back surgery.


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  • "Since I've been coming to Foster Chiropractic my health and my body's ability to heal itself has never been better and it's sure good being off all that medication. I refer anyone who tells me about physical challenges to Foster Chiropractic. I tell them what it did for me. It made a believer out of me."
    John Doe - Greeley, CO